On this episode of the Deep Dive Podcast with Teju Babyface, actor and filmmaker, Pat Attah, takes the seat as a guest and chats with Teju on the reasons he left fame and the celebrity life in Nigeria to relocate to Germany.

He explained that he couldn’t live freely as other citizens. He expressed his frustration at not being able to do everyday activities like riding a bicycle, going to the market to buy gas, or taking the bus without being recognised. This lack of freedom ultimately led him to leave Nollywood behind for a more normal life.

While many people aspire to be in Pat’s shoes, enjoying the spotlight that comes with being a celebrity, Pat chose a quieter, more serene life. He also shares with Teju what he has been up to since moving to Germany, shedding light on his new endeavours and how he has adjusted to life away from the limelight.

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