Nvidia stock began trading on a post-split basis for the first time when the market opened Monday, seeing the 10-for-one split take effect.

Investors who held Nvidia stock at the end of trading Thursday received nine shares for every share held after market close on Friday.

On Wednesday the tech giant crossed the $3 trillion market cap threshold, becoming the second most valuable company in the world. Nvidia’s market cap sat at just under $3 trillion at the end of trading Monday.

The 10-for-one split was announced along with a dividend increase in late May. The announcements accompanied strong first quarter earnings from the chip manufacturer and artificial intelligence developer.

How Nvidia stock compares pre and post-split

The stock opened Monday with the new cost basis at $120.38 per share and closed at $121.71 per share. This would translate to a value of $1,203.80 and $1,217.10 per share pre-split.

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