Breaks the one-second mark for trader-managed reporting; scales to over 1b trades

RIDGEWOOD, N.J., June 11, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Castine’s Aggregated Trade Reporting (ATR) tool has broken the one-second barrier for complex reporting on large data sets from multiple sources across all asset classes.

Brokers, hedge funds, and asset managers can use Aggregated Trade Reporting to do tactical and strategic reports across all their trading activity, without having to wait for programmers or using complex pivot tables. ATR provides traders, Desk Heads, COO’s and other team members with a curated, user-managed reporting tool that gets them answers instantly. “This is a game changer for traders and operations teams across the industry,” states Robin Hodgkins, Castine’s President. “When time is of the essence, this is the solution traders can rely on.”

Aggregated Trade Reporting solves the perennial problem for traders, sales, and operations of quickly needing answers but having to spend hours or days to get them. Or having to run multiple reports for each different type of data. Castine’s ATR reports across all trade types, asset classes, accounts, order management systems (OMS) and other files, delivering results sub-second. A curated dashboard lets regular users create and run reports themselves instantly and accurately, yielding answers that can be acted on immediately before an opportunity is lost.

ATR is completely cloud-based and is available on all major cloud providers, including AWS, Google’s GCP, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, as well as a client’s own cloud. “We wanted to make this as flexible as possible; we think we nailed it,” says Tom Smith, Castine’s Executive Vice President of Sales.

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Castine LLC is an industry leader in sales performance, commission management, client and trader profitability, and compensation systems. Castine’s C3 Suite is used worldwide by retail and institutional brokers, asset managers, and hedge funds.

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