New research conducted by Open Property Group examined recent data on the sizes and profitability of buy-to-let portfolios over the past year.

The study reveals that, on average, investors have downsized their portfolios by -1.6% annually, with the typical investor owning 8.5 properties.

Portfolio reductions have been particularly significant in certain regions, such as Yorkshire and the Humber, with the average size decreasing by -27% to nine properties. Similarly, the average portfolio size in the West Midlands has diminished by -19% to 10.7 properties, while the South West has experienced a 13% decrease to 6.5 properties.

Reductions in portfolio sizes have also been observed in the North East, central London, East Midlands, and East of England.

However, there has been growth in places like the North West. The study also noted some growth in outer London, Wales and the South East.

Despite these trends, according to this research, the average rental income per property has risen 8.8% over the past year. Notably, Yorkshire and the Humber investors have experienced the most significant increase, with rental income jumping by 30.9%.

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