The property market is “close to the trough” with a sustained period of recovery expected in the near future, research from Atelier has suggested. 

The research, ‘Past Performance, Points to Future Potential’, dissected each factor – such as house prices, interest rates, and demand and supply – and their influence on the market. 

It found that, while the UK is currently experiencing a period of decelerating growth in house prices, a number of historic trends suggest this will be a brief period of decline followed by a prolonged period of recovery.

Atelier CEO, Chris Gardner, said: “In the UK, private enterprise delivers 60 per cent of new housing – precisely because these developers are agile and can respond quickly to shifts in the marketplace.

“It is important for developers, in particular, to be agile enough to overcome short-term market volatility while progressing forward with a clear, long-term strategy.

“Property is a long-term asset class, and with the data now available to us, we are positive about the future, and we are here to provide finance solutions to professional property developers ready to act.”

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