Property investors often ask me “Where’s the best place to buy a property right now?”

Without fail, as soon as I answer, people follow it up with “But, what about [insert area here]”

So in this article I’m going to rank all 67 council areas in New Zealand. We’ll sort them into:

🟢 Green – I like it as an investment

🟢 Leaning Green – I’m keeping my eye on it

🟡 Yellow – It doesn’t impress me

🔴 Leaning Red – I’d tend to stay away

🔴 Red – I don’t recommend them

Of course, you can disagree with where I put an area. Good. Let me know down in the comments section and we can have a good discussion.

Afterall, I can look at the data. But I’m not on the ground in all 67 areas. So, there is a chance I’ve missed something. These lists are just to tell you where my head is at.

I only care about finding the best areas for our clients at Opes Partners. So, if you know something I don’t, write a comment at the end of this article.

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