A team of consumer experts have explained how you could save money on one particular household bill if you answer “yes” to one question.

In their latest newsletter, Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert team shared ways you could save money on your water bill. The team said water bills are the “forgotten utility” as you are simply stuck with your area’s provider and have no options to switch. This means millions just blindly pay it without any thought.

Water bills rose by six per cent on average in April across England and Wales and prices are set to only get higher. Now even though you cannot switch, the MSE team says you can still save. And you can do this by asking yourself one question: “Do you have more bedrooms in your home than people?”

According to the MSE team, if the answer is yes then you should consider installing a free water meter. The team explained: “Water bills are based on the old pre-1990 rates system, where the amount you pay is roughly based on your home’s rental value, not your usage. So bigger homes tend to pay more, even if they’re not consuming much water.”

So if you have three bedrooms but there are only two of you living in the home you may benefit. In England and Wales, you can get a water meter installed for free and these – similarly to energy meters – measure how much you use and bill you accordingly. If you think this is you, then you should use a water meter calculator to check, reports the Mirror.

A water calculator asks you questions about your water use and tells you your estimated costs if you have a meter. These are questions like how many people live in your home, the number of showers you have a week, your dishwasher use, and what you’re paying at the moment.

The MSE team added: “If the water calc shows savings are likely, but you want a more formal assessment, your water firm can do that. For some, especially in big houses with few people, the savings can be massive.”

If you want to give this a go, you will need to tell your water provider who will then install a meter for you. Usually, you can head to your provider’s website and see if you can apply – you’ll usually need to fill in an application form. In the UK, water companies give you two years to trial one and will allow you to switch back if you’re unhappy.

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