Taking to Truth Social, the social media platform he set up after being booted off X (then Twitter), Trump has continued raging against the verdict.

In a post, he slammed the verdict, the legal process and the motives behind the charges against him, which have now been proven in a court of law.

He wrote: “My bookkeeper called a ‘Legal Expense,’ on the ‘tiny’ description line of the Ledger, a ‘Legal Expense,’ openly paid to my lawyer, at that time a fully accredited one. I was not involved in that designation, but what else would you have called it? It was, in fact, a LEGAL EXPENSE. That is the so-called ‘CRIME.’ On top of that, I wasn’t allowed by the judge to use, in any form, the standard RELIANCE ON COUNSEL DEFENSE (ADVICE OF COUNSEL!).

“My lawyer, at the time, did virtually everything on the NDA (NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT), and I assumed that what he did was correct. I did nothing wrong, and frankly, there was nothing done wrong – NDA’s are standard, commonly used, and LEGAL. MAGA2024! WITCH HUNT! IF THIS CAN HAPPEN TO ME, IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE!”

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