It’s no secret that these leading-edge solutions will likely play an outsised role in Finance’s evolution. Self-service, finance cycles, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) all stand to potentially change because of them. But the question remains: How? The answers will be up to each organisation and its leaders. Forward thinking can yield opportunity, but there’s also room for skepticism: about the technology’s limits, about return on investment, and about the ethical downsides that loom amid equity and bias concerns, plagiarism, intellectual property theft, and socioeconomic challenges. These are likely to be new items on every Finance leader’s existing stack of concerns. It’s no wonder that in the face of so much change, another risk can be inertia itself.

With that in mind, we’ve designed a pragmatic guide to the technologies that are likely to disrupt your organisation over the next few years. We’ll show you what you should know, what to watch out for, and where to focus. (It might not be where you think.)

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